Dove Hair Minimising Deodorant Review

Dove hair minimising deodorantI received a sample of the brand new Dove Hair Minimising deodorant recently and now I can tell you all about it !

As the name suggests it’s a Dove anti-perspirant deodorant that also slows down the growth of under-arm hair. Now let me be honest here …Julia Roberts might be able to get away with exposing some untended underarm hair (remember those photos?), but for the rest of us it’s not really attractive is it? This new Dove deodorant spray (also available as a roll-on) aims to slow down the growth of the hair so you don’t have to shave it off so regularly ..isn’t it such a faff!

From the off Dove are onto a winner with me because I’ve been using their roll-on anti-persperant for absolutely ages now. This new spray has the normal quality feel that I’m used to and is slightly fragranced, which is just how I like it. It keeps you fresh and dry as you’d expect. It doesn’t leave a white residue either  – thank heavens, it’s so annoying when that happens!

Now I’m a true blonde so I guess I have slightly more leeway in terms of how often I need to shave my underarms but I’d say that the hair minimising does work, with the hairs also being softer and easier to shave.

Any criticisms? Well no, none at all really. But I do have one question for Dove… when are you bringing something similar out for legs?

For further product information you can visit the Dove website.


  1. Rosie Milton says

    Bought it because I ran out of deoderant and was in a super hurry to get some replacement! My problem with it is that is stinks!! I don’t think it is ‘subtly fragranced’ at all – more like heavy duty on the chemicals. Not a happy customer :0( !

  2. Linda says

    I used for two days. Caused my arms to break out in rash. I have always used regular deodarant/antiperspirants with no problems, which leads me to believe that there is something in this product that is a specific allergen.

  3. Pete says

    I’ve been using the minimising deoderant now for over a year and it certainly does soften hair re-growth. It’s also a very effective anti-perspirant and kind to your clothes. The best fragrance is the ‘nature fresh’.

  4. krispy says

    Where has the dove hair minimising roll on deodorant gone, can’t find it anywhere. It’s brilliant and really works, please bring it back.

  5. Sofie says

    I think it works like a charm and smells great. However as it has the same colour as my hairspray, i accidentltly sprayed it on my hair this morning… I had no time to wash it as I was headed for work. Should I do something?

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