How To: Knotted Up Do

Learn how to create this elegant up-do in a few easy steps.


Detangle hair, then starting on the left side of the head, take 2” sections between plates of Bio Ionic 10X Pro Styling Iron and turn 180⁰ backwards away from face. Pull iron through hair. This will create a loose curl. Repeat around entire head.


Section out a “mohawk” section at top of head. Working with 1” sections backcomb at root the entire mohawk section.

PRO TIP: When working with finer hair, take thinner sections while backcombing to ensure volume.


Gather entire backcombed section towards the crown and gently twist to the right. Slightly push hair forward so that the front is raised off the head. Secure at crown with 2 bobby pins in an X formation.


Using fingers at top of each ear, create diagonal partings upwards to crown. Divide this section in 2 and create a simple knot. Pull ends of hair to tighten. Secure middle of knot to head with 2 bobby pins, allowing ends to hang.


Working underneath the previous knot, create 2 new sections incorporating loose ends from preceding knot. Create simple knot as done in previous step, allowing ends to hang.

Repeat sectioning and knotting technique until you reach base of hairline. The number of knots will depend on length and density of hair. 


Using a small elastic, tie the ends of your final knot together in a ponytail.


Using bobby pins, secure the ponytail underneath the bottom knot. Take any remaining loose ends and pin under final knot.


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