Lift up to 9 Levels with PRAVANA’s Pure Light Ultra Lightener

Blonding: the most requested yet most challenging salon service that hairstylists face every day. With the ongoing platinum and pastel hair trends, clients are looking to their professional to recreate these looks more than ever. 

What if it was possible to achieve higher levels of lift while still maintaining the integrity of the overall finished look? 

Meet Pure Light Ultra Lightener: PRAVANA’s highest lifting lightener that’s proven to reduce breakage. On top of incredible lifting, it’s formulated with ReUnite Mending Technology that restores hair from the inside out, depositing amino amino acids for added internal strength and plant-derived polymers that mend the cuticle layer. The result? Smooth, shiny hair! Since ReUnite Mending Technology adheres to the inner cuticle layer rather than coating the strand, hair is free of heavy residues that weigh hair down. 

Mixing Ratios: Recommended 1:2 (Pure Light Ultra Lightener:Developer)
Mix with Zero, 10, 20, 30 or 40 Volume Creme Developer off-scalp
Mix with Zero, 10 or 20 Volume Creme Developer on-scalp
Process for up to 55 minutes

PRAVANA Pure Light Ultra Lightener

Video and information courtesy of PRAVANA

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