Longer Lasting Vivids with Olaplex

So long are the days when your freshly painted fashion colors were "here today and gone tomorrow". We’re seeing amazing, vivid colors shining vibrantly longer and healthier than ever with Olaplex. In excitement and to shed light on exciting questions about Olaplex and direct dyes, Olaplex sat down with the Vivid master herself, Rebecca Taylor (@vividartistichairdesign) to break it down.

“Olaplex is PIVOTAL when doing this type of hair color because lightening the hair is always necessary,” says Rebecca. “If you try to apply direct dye to compromised hair with porosity issues, the color will take unevenly and won’t last very long at all. You can use Olaplex in your lightener, before the service, in your direct dyes and at home as a maintenance regimen.”

In this step-by-step direct dye tutorial, Rebecca is faced with her client’s dark four inch regrowth and blonde mid-shaft to ends. We’ll let Rebecca take the wheel from here...

Color Correction Using Direct Dyes & Olaplex with Rebecca Taylor

My model had several inches of level 1-2 virgin regrowth and very lightened ends. Our target level was a level 8-9 on the regrowth and 10 on the ends. (See the before photo below.)

I used 50 volume lightener (slightly away from scalp) with Olaplex No.1 to the cold shaft of the virgin regrowth. I later went back onto the scalp with 30 volume, then lastly overlapped onto the previously lightened ends with 20 volume/Olaplex for 10 minutes.

TIP! You can also use Olaplex No.2 to dilute pigment to create muted or pastelized shades.

After rinsing, using Olaplex No.2, and drying, I applied various custom tones of PRAVANA VIVIDS using a colormelting method.

In one process, she was able to be lifted from a level 1 to a level 9 while maintaining the health and integrity of her hair, thanks to Olaplex. The VIVIDS have taken vibrantly and evenly to her hair and the color will last 6-8 weeks with a regular Olaplex No.3 regimen and washing in cold water.

Rebecca is a master colorist, international educator & editorial stylist, Founder of Vivid Education, and creator of the Hairstylist Education Forum on Facebook. You can find her on social media @vividartistichairdesign!

Blog courtesy of Olaplex and Rebecca Taylor

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