Olaplex No.8 On Different Hair Types

Olaplex No.8 is officially here! Bond Intense Moisture Mask is the latest addition to the OLAPLEX line and the brand's first moisture mask. It's also the only moisture mask that simultaneously rebuilds bonds while it profoundly conditions. Every hair type benefits from moisturized, healthy hair, making No.8 completely inclusive whether your client has fine, coarse, straight, curly, gray, color-processed, virgin or damaged hair! The mask is entirely customizable and easily works itself into your client's routine. While No.8 has a ‘less is more’ approach, some hair types may require more product than others, such as coarse or curly hair.

So, what is No.8? Bond Intense Moisture Mask is a deep conditioning treatment formulated with OLAPLEX’s patented technology to rebuild bonds. Composed of ingredients found in skincare, Bond Intense Moisture Mask aims to address a crucial element to healthy hair––moisture––while rebuilding the hair to strengthen it. Incorporating No.8 into a hair routine is a game-changer! As with all OLAPLEX products, No.8 is compatible with every hair type. Deep hydration paired with repair is a must for virgin to highly compromised manes. 

No.8 moisturizes, adds shine, softness, smoothing and strengthening–benefits all hair types thrive from! All hair types differ in their routines, but their need for hydration and moisture is universal. 

Fine hair is sensitive to masks and products’ weight, meaning with too much product, the hair feels weighed down. For No.8, ‘less is more’ is a rule of thumb and a great starting place for fine-haired clients. Start with one pump of the No.8 and work through the hair. There is no need to coat the hair excessively to see the product build-up; it will only go down the drain. Although No.8 is safe to use as often as needed, healthy fine hair typically benefits most from a treatment once weekly. 

For coarse textures, apply two pumps or more as needed to coat the hair thoroughly. Using copious amounts of conditioner might be familiar for saturation, but No.8’s elevated formula focuses on quality ingredients that do all the work once the product touches the hair. Treat the hair once weekly or more if needed. Coarse hair and curly hair err on the thirsty side and love a spot of hydration!

For damaged or highly processed hair, assess the hair regularly for what it needs. Typically, damaged hair is dry and crunchy and benefits from a couple of treatments a week to get it in shape. Bond Intense Moisture Mask is all about TLC!

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