Professional Backbar Scalp Scrub Ritual

Have your clients ever asked what causes a flaky scalp or if they should be using a scalp moisturizer? Chances are, probably not. Many people are downright obsessive about their facial skincare (and have a vanity full of moisturizers, creams and serums to prove it) yet are neglectful of the skin on their scalp!

It's important to note that there are a few differences between the scalp and facial skin. The scalp is thicker, with five layers instead of three and has more oil glands and hair follicles. So while we should give our scalp the same obsessive level of attention that we give our face, we won't be using the same products for both. Designed with the scalp's unique needs in mind, the Alterna Renewing Scalp Care collection is a vegan scalp treatment system that includes:

  • Scrub to Foam: A clinically tested transformative scalp exfoliator and shampoo that gently cleanses and exfoliates the hair and scalp to remove buildup, leaving the scalp feeling calm, soothed and hydrated.
  • Leave-On Treatments: Clinically tested lightweight and fast-absorbing scalp treatments. Hemp treatment leaves the scalp feeling moisturized and less dry. Peppermint treatment maintains scalp moisture balance.

Scalp Care Best Practices

Just like skincare, scalp care varies from person to person, but everyone can benefit from these universal care rituals:

  1. Scalp Cleansing: Regardless of scalp type, using an Alterna shampoo or Alterna Renewing Scrub-to-Foam on a regular basis helps remove buildup of products and excess scalp oil.
  2. Scalp Exfoliation: Using Alterna Renewing Scrub-to-Foam removes excess sweat and oil that build up over time. Scalp exfoliation is especially important if you don't brush your hair regularly.
  3. Scalp Hydration: Maintaining a moisturized scalp helps prevent dryness and itchiness. Using Alterna Renewing Leave-On Treatments leaves the scalp feeling moisturized.

Whether at the salon where Alterna empowers stylists to create experiential, transformational moments or while treating at home, Alterna is an essential ritual for people who value self-care. Keep reading to learn how to get the most out of the Alterna Renewing Scalp Care collection—and give your clients a more luxurious haircare experience.

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