The Importance of Prepping and Priming Hair

Prepping the skin and priming isn’t something new to the beauty world… but what about priming hair? If you know that skin and hair contain the same internal structure, the idea of priming both may not come as a shock. Yet still, why is it we know nothing of priming the hair? OLAPLEX completely changed the game with its patented chemistry. Healthy hair has become the new norm thanks to at-home treatments like OLAPLEX No.3 to repair and rebuild the hair, and No.4-No.7 for intense hydration. The new professional inspired intensive bond building hair treatment, OLAPLEX No.0, is making hair primer a thing. 

It seems priming is connected on all beauty levels. Cleansing and toning set the stage for skincare facial products, and healthy maintained skin creates a better canvas for makeup. With OLAPLEX No.0, a primer is applied to the hair to maximize the bond building OLAPLEX No.3 treatment. This treatment gives the most intense at-home bond building treatment for healthy, strong, shiny hair. Having healthy hair as a canvas opens opportunities to create within. Similar to makeup on skin, there are a myriad of ways you can create on hair. Our favorite is color! For the sturdiest workable canvas, encourage clients to prime and treat their hair at home. Priming also helps hair bounce back from all the thermal styling and mitigates environmental damage. 

Here’s the catch, OLAPLEX rebuilds bonds permanently until those bonds are broken again by the types of damage mentioned above. This means, just like a solid skincare routine, being consistent is imperative to maintaining healthy locks.

Educate clients to treat their hair as they do their skin and give it the haircare routine it deserves. With treatments once a week for normal hair, the condition will be thriving with each treatment. For compromised hair, OLAPLEX is safe to use as often as necessary. We’ve seen great results from clients who do No.3 treatments 2-3x weekly. Including No.0 as a primer to this regiment, means the already game-changing No.3 treatment amplifies. 


What an ideal day in the life of a fabulous hair primer looks like:

  1. Apply No.0 to clean damp hair. Comb through to ensure saturation. Leave on 10 minutes.
  2. Layer No.3 treatment directly on top of No.0. Comb through. Leave on 10 minutes or longer.
  3. Shampoo out with No.4 shampoo followed by No.5 conditioner. 
  4. Rinse, towel dry. Apply No.6 styling creme as a leave-in. Cocktail with No.7 styling oil for superior shine. 

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