Top Tips for Silk Press Success with Al Campbell

Mizani Artist Al Campbell shares his top tips for achieving silk press success, answering all the frequently asked questions while introducing Mizani’s Press Agent collection, a four-product thermal smoothing system for silk presses, blow outs and other thermal styles. From getting hair prepped with Press Agent Shampoo and Conditioner to explaining how to cocktail the mixing ratios for the Raincoat Styling Cream and Serum, you’ll want to take notes and bring it back to the chair.

Q: Who is the ideal client for this service?

AC: Silk presses are great for anyone, from Texture Types 3 to 8, and can be tended to with the right combination of Press Agent products based on the texture type. Check out the video to see the end results for a client with Texture Type 7.

Q: What is the key to a perfect silk press?

AC: The key to a perfect silk press is starting with freshly clarified hair, then following up with the full Press Agent system. I’m starting with the Press Agent Shampoo and Conditioner which will nourish the hair from the inside out, making for a humidity resistant silk press and also setting us up for some amazing heat protection.

Q: How do you use the Raincoat Styling Cream and Serum?

AC: It’s going to be based on the porosity. This client is medium porosity so I will be using one part Raincoat Cream to two parts Raincoat Serum.

Q: Do you detangle using the Press Agent Conditioner?

AC: I always detangle with the Press Agent Conditioner at the shampoo bowl. It actually makes for a super easy detangle and gives you all the slip that you need. Detangling helps you saturate the strands. Remember: No strand left behind.

Q: Is it safe for color-treated clients?

AC: Press Agent can definitely be used on color-treated hair. The sulfate-free formula is perfect for penetrating moisture and not stripping the hair of its natural moisture.

Q: How do you keep tension tight during the press?

AC: A pro tip for really great tension is to use your four fingers as the grip strength as opposed to using your thumbs. It results in really good tension and a smooth pass.

Q: Can you use this on very tight coils?

AC: Press Agent can definitely be used on tight coils. It can be used on all texture types ranging from 1 all the way to Texture Type 8. The cocktail blend of the Raincoat Styling Cream and Serum make it safe for all texture types.


Content courtesy of Mizani & Mizani Artist, Al Campbell

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