Adding Some Zen to Your Salon

With all the craziness of 2020, everyone could use a little peace and calm.  Maybe that’s why people can’t get enough of houseplants!  From succulents to fiddle-leaf figs, a fresh plant can add life and energy to your salon. 

Here are 3 ideas for plants based on your personal studio space.

1.  If your salon gets some natural light (preferably 3 hours a day) succulents are an excellent choice. They are very hearty and require minimal watering, which makes them ideal for busy stylists!  Succulents are also very forgiving when you’re on vacation!

2.  Pathos plant. The pathos is a classic houseplant that will tolerate low sunlight and grown in interior spaces.  This is a great choice if your studio doesn’t get a lot of natural light.  The pathos is easy to maintain and you can also divide and share the pathos.  A great way to share some love!

3. Monstera deliciosa or “Swiss cheese plant”. This popular plant has lush green leaves with distinctive slits or holes.   They make a stunning statement in any space.   It’s recommended that a monstera plant be watered weekly, so set a day that is easy to remember. 

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