3 Must-Have Treatments for Common Hair Woes

The temperatures are beginning to drop, and it's time to give your clients' hair the care it needs. Winter weather can be harsh on hair, with clients dealing with anything from dry scalp to heavy breakage to hair static.

If you’re searching for a solution to your client’s current hair dilemma, look no further! Help ease your clients' winter woes and keep bad hair days at bay with these three must-have treatments from Redken.

For Clients Who Struggle With Frizzy Hair

If your client struggles with frizzy hair and flyaways on a daily basis, regularly incorporating a nourishing leave-in treatment into her hair care regimen will help to moisturize, smooth and protect the hair. Redken’s Rebel Tame heat protective leave-in cream is an absolute must-have in the battle against frizzy hair.

“Not only will Rebel Tame help your guests control frizzy hair, it will also provide heat protection up to 446 degrees.” says Redken Artist Kyle Pinneo, “Heat Protection is key as frequent blow drying and flat ironing can drain the hair of moisture, causing dryness and increased frizz. Rebel Tame is formulated with sustainably-sourced Babassu Oil, which helps to hydrate, smooth and deflate frizzy hair while protecting the hair from further damage.”

For Clients Who Struggle With Damaged Hair

Hair breakage and damage can be caused by a variety of factors—environmental stressors such as climate, chemical services and/or heat styling.  When caring for damaged and fragile hair, protein treatments are essential for strengthening and reinforcing the hair from within. 

The secret to damage repair and strength?
Redken’s Extreme Anti-Snap leave-treatment. This fortifying treatment provides 5-in-1 protection against the most common sources of damage including chemical damage, heat damage from hot hairstyling tools, mechanical damage, surface damage and hair breakage. It’s the ultimate defense to ensure healthy, strong strands.

“Anti-Snap is going to protect against breakage and any damage caused by chemicals or thermal tools by reinfusing the hair with one of its most essential building blocks: protein!” says Pinneo, “Without protein, our hair becomes weak. It’s important for guests with damaged hair to replenish protein regularly to ensure that the hair stays strong and that haircolor maintains vibrancy.”

For Clients Who Struggle With Dry Hair

Lifeless, dry hair can leave any guest feeling dull and deflated, but this common hair concern can easily be combated with the right product regimen. If your guest's strands are struggling to retain moisture, try recommending a nightly nourishing treatment that will give her hair the hydration it needs to stay silky smooth and shiny. 

Redken’s Hydramelt leave-in treatment is a must-have treatment for dry, brittle strands. “I like to think of Hydramelt as lotion for the hair. We all use a body lotion when our skin is dry but often neglect our hair,” explains Pinneo.
“Hydramelt is going to help instantly replenish moisture and give hair that suppleness and shine we all crave. Hydramelt is a simple add-on to any hair care regimen as it’s a leave-in treatment. Just apply to clean damp hair and style as usual for healthy, hydrated locks.”


No matter what your guest's hair problem may be, product is the key to ensuring healthy, beautiful hair. Be sure to work with your guest to ensure that she has the right plan and products for her hair needs.

“When it comes to dealing with damage, frizz and other common hair woes, product is ALWAYS going to be your answer. To give your client the hair of her dreams, you have to problem solve what's preventing her from achieving it. There’s no one miracle product, but if you assert your product expertise, you can ensure that your guest leaves your chair with the hair she's always wanted.”


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