How To: The Aura Haircut

No day is the same, and no look should be either. Imagine a fluid style changing with your mood and ambition, from playful to professional.

Step 1: Sectioning

Zone 1: UCR, EB back to nape
Zone 2: EB forward to create the Interior Frame (Side Panels)
Zone 3: Crown section, UCR and above

Step 2A

Zone 1: Cut the Perimeter to desired length (base of the neck). (Customization: Point cut the hair to create more texture on the perimeter.)

Step 2B

Zone 2: Pull side panels back and cut with the established perimeter length. (Resection to separate Zone 1 from Zone 2 again.)

Step 3A: On Damp Hair

Zone 1: Split Zone 1 into two subsections from LCR to Nape (Zone 1A) and UCR to LCR (Zone 1B). In Zone 1A, starting in the center, point cut 1” vertical subsections at a low 45 degree elevation. This will create a slight undercut and preserve length. Using a traveling guide, continue point cutting through Zone 1A. Over-direct RNBP and LNBP subsections to the previous subsection.

Step 3B

Zone 1B: Taking 1” vertical subsections, point cut hair at a 45-degree elevation to create soft graduation. Continue point cutting through Zone 1B using a traveling guide.

Step 3C

Zone 2: Over-direct first subsection back slightly to connect with previous subsection from Zone 1, point cut at a 45-degree elevation. Continue cutting, over-directing back to previous subsection. Repeat on opposite side.

Step 4: Blow-Dry

Apply Caviar Anti-Aging Smoothing Anti-Frizz Blowout Butter from mid-lengths to ends (or use Caviar Anti-Aging Professional Styling Rapid Blowout Balm for fine to medium textured hair). Blow-dry hair. Be sure to smooth ends with the nylon bristle flat brush.

Step 5

Resection Zone 3, then separate the hair into 4 equal square subsections. (Note: the back 2 subsections will have rounded edges.)

Step 6A

Take the first back subsection and over direct diagonally to the opposite side. (Standing in front of the client) use TPP (twist pinch and pull) and cut hair using refraction through the ends. Repeat on the other back subsection by over-directing diagonally to the opposite section. (Note: if the client has dense hair, you can twist the hair in the opposite direction to remove more weight and create more texture.)

Step 6B

Over-direct the front sections diagonally across. Standing behind the client, TPP starting at the mid-lengths and cut to the ends. (Dry customization: Using raking and point cutting, blend and tailor to face shape.)

Step 7: Finish The Look

Finish using Caviar Anti-Aging Smoothing Anti-Frizz Dry Oil Mist for shine and hydration and Caviar Anti-Aging Professional Styling Working Hairspray for light, buildable hold. 


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