The AirCut Method by Tippi Shorter

An innovative new method for cutting textured hair, the Mizani AirCut is a solution-based cutting method that will empower new and veteran stylists alike, and enable salons to take on any client that walks through their door, regardless of their texture type. The Mizani AirCut can be recreated, allowing clients to have consistent results in the chair at every appointment. This universal cutting method can be performed on any texture type from waves to loose curls to tight coils. The AirCut also works for clients who want to wear their hair natural and straight after the AirCut, with no need for an additional visit to the salon when changing up their style.

With 65% of the population having textured hair (vs. texturized hair), the Mizani AirCut offers stylists the opportunity to invest in their “tex-pertise” and expand their clientele. Mizani’s Global Artistic Director, Tippi Shorter, created this method on the basis of science, art and technique. 

The Mizani AirCut focuses on creating pockets of air within the hair to create maximum volume without any styling products. This technique is done by cutting the hair in its natural state, avoiding stretching or disrupting the texture. By cutting the hair where it lives, there’s no need to worry about shape manipulation when shifting styles. 

Here, some of the beautiful results that can be created using the Mizani AirCut on different texture types. 

Texture Type: 3-4

Texture Type: 4

Texture Type: 8 


Content courtesy of Mizani & Mizani Global Artistic Director, Tippi Shorter

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